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N 19° 10' 30"

The Casa del Rio was designed and built as a projection of the clients design acumen, modern taste and love of art. The building tradition and zoning in Mexico is such that no setback is required from the property line which allowed for a fortified structure; as security is a requirement for the client, the strength and presence of the board-formed concrete exterior is as much a necessity as it is part of the Mexican lexicon of building and creates a house that engulfs the lot and gives way to an internal hierarchy of a central courtyard and then a terraced topography that steps down and out several times to the pool house at the final estuary level. By contrast, the interior is nuanced and cultured and designed to exhibit the clients’ art collection and sense of space and materiality. THIRLWALL laid out the interior of the residence as a reflection of the clients’ lifestyle and personality and their presence is very much built into the experience of the design from the public to the private sectors of the home. THIRLWALL’s consistent concept of a rugged exterior of glass and concrete coupled with a luxurious and lavish interior rings true in this project more than any other. Concrete is contrasted with the finest furnishings globally available from Poltrona Frau, BDDW, Ceccotti, Flexform, Tacchini, Glas Italia, and Acerbis with custom integrated paneling in teak wood by Laura Meroni and stone Vaselli travertine panels rendered in 3D from designer photos of the adjacent estuary. The master closet covering over 1500sq’ is Molteni with Porro and antique accents and plumbing throughout is Dornbract, Falper and Antonio Lupi. The house has a 60’ long living room/dining room with an adjacent double height art gallery that is a full 30’ tall with a glass curtain wall system facing the water, custom 12’ tall sliding glass doors allow one to open all outward and inner courtyard facing facades to permit passive cooling of the home in the winter. The home’s structure is based on the premise that all parallel shear walls are cast concrete and all opposing bracing is made up of chrome columns, a rationale that gives the home a unique character. The home under air is.


N 25° 47' 36"

The two-story residence located in Miami Beach is a stunning example of traditional Spanish architecture. With its high-rise ceilings, arches, and internal courtyard, the design concept exudes timeless elegance and charm. The residence boasts 4 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, providing ample space for comfort and luxury living. The interiors are adorned with white paint, wood details, and wood flooring, lending a sense of warmth and sophistication. Skylights dot the ceilings, allowing natural light to flood the spaces and create a welcoming ambiance. The combination of classic Spanish architectural elements and modern design features make this residence a true masterpiece, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship blended with contemporary aesthetics.

7500 sq'

941 N Venetian Dr.
N 2 5 ° 4 7 ’ 2 7 ”

Private residence completed september 2019. Located in Miami’s Venetian Causeway, 941 North Venetian Drive. This is a three-story residential building, including the roof terrace. The building is subdivided into three parts: the solid front facade, a courtyard with a shallow water feature and the transparent volume facing the bay.

The first floor is entirely dedicated to daily functions, it includes a home cinema, three car garage and service area. The second floor has five bedrooms, a social area, three balconies and a large master terrace with an infinity plunge pool. An internal elevator connects to the roof terrace characterized by a stunning view of downtown Miami and overlooking Biscayne Bay.

8,830 SF


Private residence, located in Miami Beach, 221 East Dilido Dr. This is a two-story building, plus a roof terrace, with a view to the biscayne bay. The main element of the project is the corten steel wall 30’ high, that cuts the house through the center, like a spine, and around it the entire project takes place.

The house contains 1 guest bedroom at the ground floor and 3 bedrooms at the second floor. The access to the roof top terrace is through a sculptural spiral stair off the rear terrace of the master bathroom. The whole project is based in three materials: corten steel, cast concrete and glass. The water is another import element, which accompanies the visitor from the entrance all the way to the bay.

5,900 SF

N 2 5 ° 4 7 ’ 2 0 ”

N 2 5 ° 4 4 ’ 1 5 ”

The integration of nature and architecture is the key factor of the concept, materialized by the use of a central main axis amongst which spaces are organized. This one consists of a monumental but intimate interior-exterior staircase at the entrance, which leads you, with a surprise factor, to the core tropical patio of the house with the ocean view.



Spec home built, located in Miami Beach, 121 West San Marino Dr. This project was a signature project commissioned by the Toys for Boys magazine and sold at a record price per square foot in the Venetian Causeway. This two-story home features an understory parking and accessory areas and features a roof deck with a stone pool.

This residence features one of the first understory levels permitted within City of Miami Beach. Thirlwall was, alongside other prominent Miami Architects, responsible for the introduction of the concept which revolutionized the single-family development typology by allowing additional square footage for the owners while adhering to the flood resistant construction precepts which is of vast importance to the city.

4,950 SF

N 2 5 ° 4 7 ’ 2 2 ”


The design concept was to create a set of parallel and perpendicular planes intersecting each other at different heights to create both interior and exterior spaces in all four axis. As a result, with the extension of some of these planes, a sense of lightness is created in the entirety of the project.

The most present architectural material is cast in place concrete yet the design concept used extensive cantilevers and skylights to minimize the heaviness and bring a floating sense of gravity to the home. Full height windows along with walls that do not directly connect but are bridged by glass to the other around different courtyards and various moments around the residence, as well as opening up key views to the surroundings.

One courtyard has an imported Asian solid Jade boulder surrounded by a fluctuating rainwater catchment pool that acts as a bellwether for the South Florida seasons of winter drought and summer monsoons.

15,000 SF

N 2 5 ° 4 6 ’ 4 4 ”
1132 NE 84TH ST.

The particular condition of this 37,826 sq ft corner lot, with both its side and rear facing the water (this last one in a curved shape), was the trigger for the design concept of the project. An L shaped volume at the water corner, curved at Biscayne Bay’ side to open up the the view cone towards Miami beach, and to resemble the soft curves of a sail molded by the wind, is broken up by a main axis that connects both visually and physically the entrance and the water. Other vertical walls parallel to this axis and perpendicular to the curved main volume, break this one at different locations to delimit the spaces and to break the horizontality. The proposed materiality is a blend of white travertine, for the vertical elements, white stucco, ceramic louvers where a privacy veal is needed, stainless steel, gray volcanic stone for exterior hardscapes, glass, water and landscaping. The program is composed of a 4 car garage, a double height entrance, a chef’s kitchen, a back kitchen, service quarters, family room, formal dining room, living room, bar/music room, powder bathroom, a guest loft with private entrance, exterior lounge area, exterior dining area and summer kitchen, exterior pools and tennis court on the first floor. On the second floor, there’s a Master bedroom loft with a large private exterior terrace and a balcony, 4 bedrooms in suite and a VIP bedroom in suite.

14,200 SF

N 2 5 ° 5 1 ’ 1 3 ”

N 2 5 ° 4 1 ’ 0 3 ”

Private residence, located in Key Biscayne, 51 Island Dr. The Project consists of a composition of multiple volumes, which are displayed surrounding an elevated courtyard. Since the house has no views, its focus is in its core oasis, created in its center, where all volumes are looking into.

The house has a four car garage, a formal living and dining area, connected to a kitchen and family room, a guest house and an office on the first floor, and three bedrooms, a family room and a master bedroom on the second floor.

These volumes materialize in earthy tones and textures, evoking the comfort of the private life. The whole project is based on three materials: gray concrete, wood and glass. The water and the terraced landscape plan another important role in the scene helping create the ambience for the tropical and natural garden to which all is centered on.

9,060 SF

N 25° 42' 35"

Battersea is a stunning architectural masterpiece situated in the heart of Miami Beach. This exquisite residence spans three levels, offering a luxurious and contemporary living experience. The principal design concept of Battersea was to prioritize and preserve the breathtaking views of the waterfront, seamlessly integrating the natural beauty of the surroundings into the living spaces. The sleek and modern design of Battersea features large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow abundant natural light to flood the interiors and provide uninterrupted panoramas of the mesmerizing waterfront. The residence is thoughtfully designed to optimize the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, with expansive terraces and balconies that provide an inviting oasis to relax and entertain while enjoying the sophisticated materials, and meticulous attention to detail make Battersea a true architectural gem that embodies the epitome of waterfront living in Miami Beach.

16,300 SF


An extended main access offers a connection from the front facade to the waterview. Throughout this pathway, interior and exterior consecutive spaces give a variety of moments before the double height main entrance door.

Materiality and height of volumes also plays a fundamental part of the design. The stone and concrete on the ground level creates a solid element that provides support to upper levels that are more fragmented creating courtyards on different heights.

26,500 SF

N 18° 33' 50"

The project site, located by a cliff at the south-west of the Australia coast, is a breathtaking enclave with an extraordinary landscape. In this sense, the site was calling for a very respectful and topographic project in which we intervened with different operations more assignable to nature than to architecture, such as layering in the same way earth builds up through the years, or cracks that so regularly happen in any landscape, or extensions of land protruding out and carefully thought of as well as integrated landmarks, like any landscape may have.

Through these operations, we were able to develop a project that is revealed from the land as you approach it with slight hints of architectural elements happening which evolves, as you move deeper into it, in a rear facade towards the bay completely architectural.

39,000 SF

S 2 7 ° 0 ’ 0 ”
2721 Sea Island Dr.
N 2 5 ° 7 9 ’ 0 9 . 6 ”

New custom residential project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This residence will encompass about 11,000.00 SF in three stories and feature an innovative modern organic design.

The ground areas hold a large sized pool with several recreational areas, including: pool facing bar with fireplace, integrated hot tub with jets and light features, shallow sun lounging areas and a large deep portion for swimming, floaters and sports. The interior of the house contains five en-suite guest bedrooms and a large master bedroom with a private terrace, the double height living room has direct integration with a large covered lanai space and zero-entry access to the pool, the third floor contains a sunset lounge area with a large indoor bar and outdoor entertaining areas and a large spa and gym area with direct water views and garden roofdeck.

The design features a large operating louvered screen that opens the views towards the house’s double height living areas and second floor mezzanine, this home will also feature large custom two story sliding glass doors.

11,000 SF


The concept design for the project evolves from the idea of the water molding and shaping the urban space. Just like the natural world is molded by water and wind, architecture should respond in the same way to connect with its surroundings.

The architectural concept parts from a central courtyard, as the void in architecture which belongs both to the natural world and the un-natural, exterior, and interior, nature and architecture, around which the building develops. As the first approach of connection with its surrounds, and taking advantage of what may seem code limitations, the building is lifted from the ground to get a relation from the entrance, through the courtyard to the water. This connection is not only visual, but also physical. It is important to feel this relation as you experience the building.

Erosion does not translate in the same shape or texture in nature, regardless of the material it is shaping. The use of a main natural material throughout (white travertine), with different shapes and textures, reflects this concept. Texture expresses something about the quality of the material, and it gives a particular quality to light. Sometimes, the erosion is such that it breaks the skin leaving a physical connection between interior and the exterior, this is reflected in the form of louvers, which are used to connect to the exterior, but at the same time give privacy to the spaces behind.

10,500 SF

N 2 5 ° 4 7 ’ 2 9 ”


Private residence located on one of the most coveted addresses in the country. This vast property has four levels of expansive spaces from an understory spa complex to a roof deck with a helipad. The concept of this project originated from a location based generative geometry. The forms took shape as they occupied the lot, and the result is a design that optimizes the views of downtown Miami and creates privacy from the adjacencies.

The materiality of this project presents a play on the classical application of textures by inverting the general roles of rustic materials closer to the ground, and more polished and refined materials as the height grows. This concept is a reflection on modern day usage of residential architecture, in which the ground floor is used for more social and formal purposes, and therefore benefits from more refined and polished elements and the floors above contain the dormitory functions which benefit from warmer and more textured materials.

25,400 SF

N 25° 45' 00"

5446-5480 N Bay RD.

The project involved the combination of two water lots of 31,000 sq ft and 33,000 sq ft, with a total combined length of 270 linear feet by the water. The scope of the project was the full renovation of the existing residence on one of the lots, and the proposal of a magnificent two-floor entry Gate House to welcome you to the state, with a two floor Guest House with views to the bay and a gallery polyvalent space that can easily fluctuate from being a set of consecutive living areas to an exhibition 10 car gallery garage.

This was a specific need from the client, that we were able to accomplish by designing a space with a fit flooring finish for both situations, a lighting design that can be adjusted depending on the use and by designing several custom moveable division modules fit to modify and divide the space as needed. The scope of work also included a two-floor cabana by the bay, with a gym, a spa, and outdoor terraces. As for the full renovation to the existing house we designed in detail all and every room of the residence with a special highlight to the core of the house, the spiral staircase which we were able to completely transform into a soft lined, irregular, curved and seamless matt black staircase with a central cove at the top floor ceiling, from which a one of kind art piece chandelier, dropped down, to stop a few feet from a black concave water feature at the bottom, with hundreds of fiberoptics spotlights which mean to be the reflection of the lights above being absorbed into a dark hole.

31,000 SF

N 25° 50' 03"


This design concept merges architectural elements of a caribbean bungalow and modern architecture.

Proposed materiality includes thatched sloped roofs, copper elements and details, such as screen partitions, custom ceramic column covers, and wood paneling throughout the facades.

5,490 SF

N 25° 51' 18"


Project for a new condominium is a 7- stories building, 48 UNITS, plus the underground parking garage. The first two floors host the double height lobbies, amenities, and 5 townhouses with a private garden facing the waterfront. The top of the building is characterized by 4 penthouses.

N 25° 53' 38"
19930 S BEACH RD.

The use of a custom profile column with the navette shape creates a unique visual structure that evokes soft organic elements through its one rounded side and yet also a dynamic and angular nature through its acute side.

The metallic slab continuation allows for the multiple edges of the building to become thinner as they meet the air and creates a cleaner horizontal dialog that lightens the facade composition in the horizontal.

The concept for the lower podium facade design is to create a contrasting composition with the juxtaposition of the old and the new reflected in the stone clad base material and the sleek metallic elements that repeat in a ghost manner the facade fenestration and repetition.

The central vertical design element is reminiscent of the curves and apertures of a Melo Melo shell becomes the key element of the composition, and the use of the wood textured louvers enables the repeating curves to be extruded and better appreciated by reinforcing the lines in the vertical plane rather than being limited to the floor plates.

It also serves a practical function by creating a separation between the north and south units’ balconies without the use of unsightly glass partitions.

The use of planters with draping foliage softens and diffuses the hard edges of the metallic projections along with reinforcing the ideas of tropical modernism.

The entrance facade utilizes proprietary curved hurricane impact storefront glass to bring down and duplicate in a subtle way the upper tower central design element which also allows for a visually arresting main entrance door alcove that is visible as well from the amenity deck above.




N 25° 46' 22"

Thirlwall renovated this 2,800 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrrom apartment in the murano Grande in Miami Beach in luxurious fashion with Indian sandstone flooring with LED lit baseboards with Oscar Ono wood flooring, a built in banquette with Spinneybeck leather, seating by Knoll, Poltrona Frau and Carl Hanson, custom fur rug by Bowron and lighting by Brand van Egmond. Famed fine art photographer Marisa Baumgartner also created a site specific art piece for the unit that incorporated one twenty-five foot wall. The unit boasts views of both the ocean and downtown Miami.


N 25° 48' 23"

Asked by our clients to completely renovate the home designed by a reknown Miami Beach architect and to add two additions seemlessly to the front facade that would appear as if Carlos Schoppel himself designed it was the madante for this substantial owner driven and designed renovation. Our clients vision was to respect the homes orginal character and architecture but to modernize the layout to current standards of living. Our design team was the lead architect and designed the majority of the custom cabinetry, kitchen and many details throughout the home to reflect the existing 1930's interiors. Landscape Architecture by Perry Guillot.


N 2 5 ° 4 6 ' 1 0 "

Interior redesign of a unit on one of the top levels of Murano at Portofino in Sofi, Miami Beach. The living concept for this project revolves around the day to day of a photographer/art collector. And the integrated living layout of family room - living - kitchen - dining allows for amazing interactions throughout the space while allowing the user to bask in the stunning uninterrupted 180 degrees views.

2,200 SF


The main principle of this design concept was contrast, maintaining a muted color scheme, to create an emphasis on the definition of the spaces through textured surface materials.

These materials define three distinctive and independent modules delineating the areas of the living room, dining room and library. These independent modules link at a point where two of them visually align to its surfaces.

To extend the feeling of continuity, the baseboards match the wood floor finish and lift up in a curve ending behind the Kashmir Suede leather panels and natural stone slabs. Behind the panels, an LED light strip washes down the baseboard and accents the light and continuous visual as if the floor disappears on the walls.

Keeping a sophisticated materiality on the interior architecture finishes, accents the central character of this design concept: Art. Translating also into the furniture and lighting selection for these spaces.

4,000 SF

N 25° 46' 09"

N 25° 31' 09. 16"

This project consisted of a combination of two separate units into a single unified duplex and the full renovation and interior design for all the spaces, creating an elevated pied-a-terre for the clients. This project included a complete overhaul of the apartment with all new finishes, lighting, custom stairway, millwork, bathrooms, closets, and kitchen.

The concept for the design was Thirlwall’s take on organic minimalism with the integration of natural materials and textures, also considering a certain awareness to Asian culture, particularly Japanese, through the reinterpretation of traditional motifs and themes present in details throughout the design. A generally neutral color palette with different textures was selected to Evoque a calming space in the city with the main focus on the views to central park combined with delicately selected touches of color.

3580, SF

N 4 8 ° 5 1 ’ 2 8 "

A true 1890s Hausmann classical yet contemporary Parisian apartment renovation. Inspired by an eclectic 1930s “avant-garde” Paris and juxtaposed experimental design ideas, combining and accentuating the existing architectural features such as elaborate crown and wall moldings, mirrored walls with hidden doors as well as exotic marble chimneys and original chevron oak parquet, complemented with modern unique one off finishes and contemporary art furniture, custom lighting fixtures and renown art pieces from a large variety of artists and bespoke designers.

3,100 SF

N 2 5 ° 4 6 ’ 2 1 ”

The space provides a sense of retreat as it maintains a monochromatic scheme, with emerald green accents in a few furniture pieces to bring depth into the space.

Texture and layers are present throughout this apartment renovation. The flooring finishes change from wood planks to terrazzo, creating shapes that project to the dropped ceiling and emphasized by indirect lighting on the reveals. Window treatments are recessed on the ceiling, as well as the carpets are inlaid on the wood floor to provide a seamless transition for the different materials.

5,600 SF

N 2 5 ° 4 6 ’ 4 4 ”

Interior Design renovation for a Mediterranean restaurant. Its waterfront views were the main focus for the design concept to bring the Mediterranean characteristics to Miami with an eclectic touch.


250 MAIN
N 44° 06' 03"

Complete overhaul, renovation, and interior design for a hotel in the State of Maine. Thirlwall provided, alongside a contemporary approach to hospitality architecture, its expertise in high end furniture procurement and specification, ensuring the project had a unique look and feel due to the use of European furniture and fixtures throughout the property.



N 2 5 ° 4 7 ’ 0 0 ”

Libertine is Thirlwall’s first venture into hospitality design. This club combines a speakeasy feel with a London private lounge. Several of Thirlwall’s custom design elements came together to create this venue including: the custum banquettes and green velvet chaurs; the flooring, which is created with $2000 in pennies with varying levels of polish; a (size)marble fireplace beneath a (size) Venetian glass mirror; black emperor marble countertops; and reclaimed wood from Hall Smith. The golden niche is inspired by David Lynch’s Moholland Drive and is covered in 18 karat gold leaf. The space is decorated with Victorrian memento mori, features two World War I equine gas masks, A baby grand piano converted into a DJ deck, and vintage pornography from the 1910’s in the VIP room. All of this serves to enhance the extensive cocktail menu that Libertine has to offer.


N 25° 47' 01"

Renovation and redesign of hotel common areas, restaurant, and roof deck areas. Use of modern tropical design elements with a contemporary interpretation for a hospitality project.


N 25° 47' 49"

Thirlwall designed this rooftop terrace in conjunction with seven other design projects in the penthouse of the Paramount Bay as a showcase of Miami design talent. This space blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create a cohesive product. The hanging dividers, which uses a full mile of Manila rope, helps to conceal unmovable plumbing elements. To give students a hands-on experience, Thirlwall worked eleventh grade design students from DASH, the Design and Arcchitecture Senior High, to bring the project to life. Furnishings include outdoor dining sets and lounges by Kettal, seating by Richard Shultz, and graffiti artwork from the Margolize colletion.